NTA Level 6

Benedicto D. Frank

Admission requirements into Ordinary Diploma

Entry requirements for Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6) in Community Development (ODCD) are strictly holders of NTA Level 5 in Community Development.
On successful completion of the NTA Level 6 one is eligible to either proceed to the Bachelor Degree in Community Development or to exit and be awarded the Ordinary Diploma certificate in Community Development (ODCD).

Admission Procedures
Admission at Buhemba Community Development Training Institute is available in two methods, where the first method is to download our online form available to our website. Another methos is to come and pick a form direct to the college.

The downloaded forms must be filled out and returned or send to the institution with original payslip from our account shown in the form.

Please Submit the printed form to
The Principal
Buhemba Community Development Training Institute ,
P.O.BOX 160,
Butiama-Mara, Tanzania.
E-mail: cdtibuhemba@gmail.com, admission@cdtibuhemba.ac.tz
Tel. +255 748 215 817 or 0623 205 817