Students Life

Dean of Students

The Student Administration is headed by the Dean of Students, deals primarily with the personal and social welfare aspects of the student’s life. The following facilities are provided by the office of Dean of Students: students accomodation (Hostels), games and sport, worship, student counseling in various problems and career guidance. The Dean of Students also assists in student disciplinary matters.

Hostel rooms are available on application before the beginning of the academic year. Accommodation is therefore not guaranteed for every student. Students are urged to find their own accommodation outside the campus in case the inside hostels are full. Priority for on-campus accommodation will be given to students with disabilities, foreign students, and female students.

Most of the student activities are organized by BUSO, the students union. The students organization is concerned with the students; academic, political, social and recreational activities. Students are encouraged to form academic/professional organizations. They are also encouraged to form and join social organizations that have been registered. New social and academic organizations are registered with the Dean of Students office.

The institute has some of the best sporting facilities in the country including soccer pitches, netball and volleyball pitch. However, most of these facilities require intensive rehabilitation. Students can therefore participate in football, volleyball and netball.

Students and staff of the institute are required to attend morning prayer at the institute supervised by the institute’s chaplain from 07:30 AM to 08:00 AM. also they have complete freedom of worship based on their spiritual beliefs, within the limitations of the laws of the country and Student By-Laws on Friday after class session. near the institute campus, there is a Mosque for Muslims and churches whereas Christians worship services are conducted.

The institute offers canteen services with all meals to students and staff. The meals are paid for at the canteen counter. There is one canteen on the campus which have the capacity to serve the present student population and people around the institute.

BCDTI provides health services to students and staff member, staff family through its dispensary, and the general public. The Centre is located within BCDTI campus. BCDTI Dispensary operates on a twenty-four hour basis.

There is stationery services situated within the campus, which offer reasonable price to staff and students. Almost all major academic units and offices have photocopying facilities, which are dedicated to staff members, other printing, photocopy and stationery service are operated by the private enterprises and are located on campus and in the neighborhood.